Jess Of Doom Criminal Haven

Monday, June 10th, 2013
The Church of Leviathan is a sham.  It is a safe house for the nastiest criminal activity you can imagine.  They do all this legally under the guise of a “legally” filed church under a  free ordainment by the Universal Life Church.  I’m sure if the ULC was notified of what heinous sexually deviant crimes that happen in the Ghetto of Boston, they’d dissolve all branches.  The Head “Mistress” sexually and physically abuses all the clergy while shooting heroine.  They claim to be hard working people, on the streets maybe.  All the monsters listed above are wolves in sheep’s clothing using promises of religion to prey on weak women and children.  These people know no lows or boundaries when it comes to taking what they want from the weak in society.  Think pedophile Nazis of the religious kind, protected by law because of being a filed as a legal church under the name Church of Leviathan, by way of Universal Life Church.

Jess Of Doom Hires Pedophile For Son’s Bday

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Robert E Fraize and Jessica Of Doom hired a known child pornographer and registered sex offender, Helfried F Alberber.  (((link redacted)))


Helfried is good friends with Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik, so good that Tom ordained Helfried in the Temples of Satan, which is currently closed.  Helfried’s home is where the yearly meet for the Temples of Satan would meet for their yearly gathering.  We have been informed that children where at these events and only wonder what video footage was taken during this yearly gathering?


Since, the Temples of Satan is down and the Church of Leviathan is now in place of it, Pope Robert Fraize hired Helfried to record and take photos at his son’s recent birthday party back in March.  These are the folks protecting you from cults, frauds, and dangerous people; yet they hire a known child pronographer to host church meetings and record said meetings along with children’s birthday parties.  Makes you wonder if they are screaming wolf, to cover their tracks!?

Jess Of Doom, Necrophiliac

Monday, June 10th, 2013

The church of Leviathan of Massachusetts is nothing more than another internet church. This report is not about them tho this report is about there fearless leader pope(false clergy name) Robert E Fraize.

He has been known to grave rob and play with the bones of the dead. He goes to the cemetery at night and digs up the bones and has sex with the corpses. Why this is part of his religious beliefs it is highly illegal to do such things. He makes circles and stuff with his bones and posts them around the internet. This is sick and he should be reported to authorities

Jess of Doom the Child Piddler

Monday, June 10th, 2013

I met this stupid b*tch in a Face Book group and she added me telling me in a private message she thought I was funny. okay. cool. No problem on my end with that but every time we talked afterwards the conversation always degraded down to either sex or drugs. Feeling awkward I would just log off. I didn’t want to hurt the young slut’s feelings. She even told me of how she would cheat on her boyfriend or what ever the poor stupid f*ck is to her, with her dealer for free drugs.

All while acting like shes at work. I even tried to engage the guy in conversation but he couldn’t keep on any topic for more than five minuets. After a few weeks this crazy slut gets online drunk or stoned or strung out. I don’t know but she started hitting on me. Hard! Telling me of her crazy fantasies about getting a** raped and.. I don’t want to repeat it but people should know.

How she even began to fondle HER OWN SON in the bath and as she put it hes handy capped and didnt know what was happning!!! I was sick and literally I threw up. Thats when I told her off and blocked her. I tried to tell her boyfriend but he just argued with me about me being a liar and blocked me! I just want to warn anyone who deals with her and for someone to please call child protective services. This is scary serious, if all of this is really happening then Im scared for the child and his home environment.

Jessica Of Doom is the Alpha Bitch

Monday, June 10th, 2013
I have been living next this pack of wild animals for over a year now. I have gone to my land lord and nothing can be done because owner is on SSI. I hear crazy noises all night long. There is a child screaming and then the sound of a man crying. There is a woman there as well and she screams all day. I heard through the walls “I am the Undertaker and I will piledrive you into the ground. Whatever she does the man is bad because I here him cry. I feel bad thou for the child, I have called child services and since the disability payments of the childs father they wont pursue it. I belive the child has a form of mental retardation and should be in a place of proper care without the violence.There is also a strong smell of fecal matter coming from their place.