Jess Of Doom Criminal Haven

The Church of Leviathan is a sham.  It is a safe house for the nastiest criminal activity you can imagine.  They do all this legally under the guise of a “legally” filed church under a  free ordainment by the Universal Life Church.  I’m sure if the ULC was notified of what heinous sexually deviant crimes that happen in the Ghetto of Boston, they’d dissolve all branches.  The Head “Mistress” sexually and physically abuses all the clergy while shooting heroine.  They claim to be hard working people, on the streets maybe.  All the monsters listed above are wolves in sheep’s clothing using promises of religion to prey on weak women and children.  These people know no lows or boundaries when it comes to taking what they want from the weak in society.  Think pedophile Nazis of the religious kind, protected by law because of being a filed as a legal church under the name Church of Leviathan, by way of Universal Life Church.

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