Jess Of Doom

Jessica of Doom’s art work is purely trace work from fairy books.  She is a hack artist trying to claim another’s crappy artist’s work.  It seems her retarded husband does the water painting of the trace drawings.  Then they scan it in to an antiquated paint program to clean it up.  Please don’t get ripped off by buying this hack’s trash that she calls artwork.

Also, beware that if you speak your opinion that is seem as negative she will become violently angry, and lash out at her family.  It has been reported that both husband and son bear many bruises and scars from her impending wrath of doom.  They are quite frightened of her, and she is known only as the undertaker to them.  If you are accosted by this dangerous rage fanatic, know that she will continuously spread false rumors about you and your family all over every social media platforms.
This blabber mouth knows no bounds to the rumors she spreads about anyone.  They can be as heinous as false rape accusation to the consumption of human babies.  Please avoid any contact with her or anyone who associates with her because you to can be caught up in her wrath and doom of character assassination.

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